Safe Video Viewing For Kids

Huvi is a free video streaming app that puts parents in control of what their kids watch.

Huvi puts parents in charge.

With Huvi, parents (not corporations) decide what their kids watch on YouTube. Huvi lets parents create interest-centered, personalized playlists for their child and gives moms and dads peace of mind, knowing that their kids can watch only the content they approved.

Kids can watch ONLY what their parents choose, in a kid-friendly interface just for them.

Only parents can search YouTube keeping innocent eyes away from inappropriate content.

Piece of Cake. Peace of Mind.

Huvi is simple (and fun!) to use. First, moms and dads create a profile for their child. Next, parents use Huvi to search and screen YouTube videos that their child might enjoy. Once the video gets the “a-ok” from mom or dad, they add it to their child’s profile and it’s approved to watch.

Additional controls, like screen time limits, passcodes and Touch ID add a little extra insurance.

Kids watch their videos within Huvi, without ever having direct access to YouTube (or its sometimes scary content.)

Made by our family, for all families.

Huvi is the brainchild of Doug and Chenin Boutwell. The Boutwells began searching for an app that would allow their son, Max, to watch his favorite educational videos without having access to all of YouTube and its grown-up content. After coming up short, Chenin and Doug used their background in software and app development to make Huvi. Their mission is simple: to let moms and dads decide what's appropriate for their kids, NOT corporations and computer algorithms.

Photo by Summer Murdock

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